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Apr-2024: RESOLVED – The website (the frontend – the API has remained and remains fully functional ) has been sporadically unavailable since approx. April 25th, due to network issues with some of our server provider(s). While we resolve this, to access the service and buy packages, you can access If your package is not automatically added to your account as usual, just contact us ([email protected]) with your order details and we’ll have it credited in less than 16hrs. Our support channels ( will remain open to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. Thank you for your continued support.

Feb-2024: NEW TYPE ADDED – Now supporting Friendly CAPTCHA!! See the details at

Nov-2023: Now supporting Amazon WAF!! See the details at

Nov-2023: Today our Socket API was affected by a technical issue for a few hours. It’s now sorted and back to 100%, working optimally. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. If you were affected, please don’t hesitate to contact us: and we’ll be happy to assist/compensate you!

Oct-2023: Now supporting Audio Recognition! See the details at

Sep-2023: Exciting News! Introducing Support for Turnstile CAPTCHAs! Check the API page at for details.

Aug-2023: Support for Text CAPTCHAs has been added!! Check the API page at for details.

Aug-2023: Support for KeyCAPTCHA has been added!! Check the API page at for details.

May-2023: Now accepting TRON (TRX) crypto payouts! Order at NOTE: These packages also have 20 OFF in free credit until June 30! To claim your freebies, please contact us at

Apr-2023: 20% OFF , as free credit, on all the 100K CAPTCHA packages ordered via our Avangate/2Checkout payment processor – Order Now!! Valid until June 30. Contact us with your username and payment details to add the freebies and/or if you have any issues ordering this way.

Jan- 2023: RELEASE – Introducing affiliate program.

Jan- 2023: RELEASE – BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, & LBTC payments support added.

Dec – 2022: RELEASE – ReCaptcha v3 SOCKET API support added.

Nov – 2022: RELEASE – Geetest Captcha support.

Nov – 2022: FIX- SOCKETs API bug fixed.

Oct – 2022: NEWS- Software Development and Graphic Design services available. Contact us.

Oct – 2022: OFFER – Pay with BitCoin and obtain a 10% BONUS. Contact us via email or chat.

May – 2021: RELEASE – Litecoin Payment Accepted

We support crypto on many levels! Litecoin is now part of the payment methods you can use to buy your captcha packages!
Enjoy a sweet 5% discount, as free captchas, on every purchase made with Litecoin.

April – 2021: RELEASE – Maven Support!

Maven is the core of web applications in Java. Maven support has been added for Java EE users, our library can be found on MVNRepository. It can be installed by pasting the artifact information into the POM file followed by a project build.

August – 2020: RELEASE – We now support Hcaptcha!

Hcaptcha is a new captcha type. They’re challenges that typically require the user to click on images to correctly align them.

August – 2019: RELEASE – We now support FunCaptcha!

FunCaptcha is a new captcha type which requires image rotation, it also provides very high levels of security. If you’ve used our API for reCaptcha before then it will be pretty easy for you to implement the just supported FunCaptcha. It’s virtually impossible to solve this type of captchas with software (OCR), it must be resolved by human. Implementing the API for FunCaptcha is in fact very simple; It just requires: proxy, proxytype, publickey and pageurl.

Jun, 27 – 2019: RESOLVED – The service faced some issues solving recaptcha v2 within 11:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M UTC-4. The inconveniences were dealt with and the service is back to normal! If you were affected by this, please contact support and you’ll be compensated. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Jun, 13 – 2019: RESOLVED – Some few users using our Python socket API may have faced issues using the service during June 12-13th. Said inconveniences have been fixed and the service should be working fine for everybody. If you were affected by this and/or have any concerns, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you. We appreciate your business!

June – 2019: RELEASE – ReCaptcha challenges with the new update to reCaptcha v3 has become less annoying, reCaptchas don’t require users to interact with them to be solved on this new version, they run in the background and are based on scores (good or bad), depending on the score (if bad) they might require a captcha challenge to be solved and user interaction is needed. They have become harder to bypass. Our service makes the whole process a lot easier. Our API requires only a Sitekey, URL, Score and Action name to break them automatically, it’s almost identical to reCaptcha v2 API, just two additional parameters are needed.

Want to test solving reCaptcha v3? Get in touch with us and we will credit your account with some free captcha credits.

You can access our API page directly, HERE.

Feb, 15 – 2019: RESOLVED: Recent G. updates are causing issues with recaptcha solving. We’re taking measures to mitigate the situation ASAP. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Jan, 31 – 2019: RESOLVED – Short, occasional high service loads might be visible during the course of the day. However, your service usage won’t be affected by this, as we’re working hard to ensure all goes smoothly with your submissions. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Oct, 12 – 2018: RESOLVED – Your recaptcha v2 success rates might be lower than usual for Today due to updates from the source provider of these challenges. We’re working hard to sort this out and appreciate your patience and understanding!


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