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What We Do

Death By Captcha is a captcha solving service that supports most of the captchas you can find online.

You can either use our service through a third party company or by implementing our API, pass us your CAPTCHAs and we’ll return the text with the solution. Which is pretty easy.

You should understand that our services do not support illegal practices, we are 100% against fraudulent activities.

If you are computer savvy and have some programming skills you can easily integrate our API clients, if you don’t, no worries you can use third party applications that work through our service, there are many software providers out there that can automate this process for you.

You could also try software like ZennoPoster or Ubot, which will allow you to automate almost any particular task you want, without too much hassle. These process automation applications give you the tools to easily create a bot with little-to-none programming skills.

To get started with us you simply need to register a free account or you can order directly from this link.

You must then look into your software Settings for “Captcha”, “Captcha Services” or “Captcha Settings”. Once there, you must select DeathByCaptcha as your Captcha Solving Service of choice and enter your username and password.

In some applications you won’t have separate fields for username and password, if this is the case just insert your Death By Captcha username and password following this pattern:


Death By Captcha does not require a license key to use. If you are using a software which requires a license key, leave the field as it is or empty.

We support the following kind of CAPTCHAS:

-Normal text CAPTCHAs (US$1.39/1K base rate, subject to NSC)

-ReCaptcha v2 via token (Google’s images selection CAPTCHAS) (US$2.89/1K)

-ReCaptcha v3 via token (Invisible reCaptchas v3) (US$2.89/1K)

-ReCaptcha via image group/coordinate API (US$3.99/1K).

-FunCaptcha (US$3.99/1K).

-hCaptcha (US$1.79/1K).

-Geetest captcha (US$2.89/1K).

If you have no experience with similar services, don’t be afraid to request a free trial, we can add some free credits to your account and then you will be able to test the service by yourself and also be granted with access to our API section if you are a programmer (this page provides an easy to read documentation, the API files and code example).

You can place an order directly from this link: https://deathbycaptcha.com/user-order

You will see all of our packages listed, select the one that fits your captcha needs the most.  We support the most popular payment gateways in the market. After successfully making a payment it usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes for the CAPTCHAs to be credited to your account. If, for some reason, your credit hasn’t showed up in 30 minutes, there might be a problem with the information provided when purchasing the packages and our payment processor may give you a call to verify the data you provided.

You will be able to confirm if the purchased balance has been credited to your account by logging into our website with your username and password.

If you have further questions, you can navigate to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site or just get in touch with our Support Team.

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