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What’s a priority package?

  It's a special CAPTCHA package that allows your CAPTCHA submissions (now also accepting recaptcha v2!) to be solved first and faster than normal Captcha packages. You would typically acquire a Priority Package if your operation can't afford to undergo the occasional high service load and/or if you need really fast CAPTCHA solving at certain

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Getting started with Death By Captcha

  We're very pleased to know that you've thought about our service to solve your CAPTCHA needs. Your vote of confidence is greatly appreciated. The main activity in Death By Captcha is being a CAPTCHA solving solution, which you can easily integrate through our documented API’s ( to your bots / software. If you're still

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How to configure your software with us

Are you stuck on how to configure your software with Death By Captcha? Don’t freak out, here are some steps you can follow: If your software has Death By Captcha already integrated, you'll only have to input your / username and password into it to use the service. Our system does not need an

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Order flagged for verification

If your order has been flagged for verification by Avangate (2checkout) here we have some pointers for you:   If you’ve come across this message: “Your order #XXXXXXXXX was indeed flagged for verification by” - This means that your order, for some reason (usually for mismatching information, proxies or alike), did not pass some

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