What’s a priority package?

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What’s a priority package?


It’s a special CAPTCHA package that allows your CAPTCHA submissions (now also accepting recaptcha v2!) to be solved first and faster than normal Captcha packages. You would typically acquire a Priority Package if your operation can’t afford to undergo the occasional high service load and/or if you need really fast CAPTCHA solving at certain times of the day. Average solving time for priority package volumes is ~7 seconds or less for text captchas and the fastest available speeds for recaptcha v2, regardless of time of the day.

At Death By Captcha we normally offer these priority packages to top users only, on an invite basis, but we recently increased our capacity and are advertising this to everyone. However, there’s a limited amount of packages available, plus you have to apply and us manually review your request to participate. If interested, please Contact Us and we’ll promptly assist you.

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